Trans-Savoie – summary

Sorry to all of those expecting regular updates over the past week, but unfortunately there was very little wifi on the campsites we stayed at during the week. I’ll attempt to add some more detail over the next day or two, but for those who haven’t picked up any of the results in the past week, I managed to crash and hurt my leg on the final stage of day 1, and was unable to ride for the rest of the week.

So yes, the week was somewhat frustrating for me in that having gained an entry to an amazing event, I wasn’t able to ride and compete for the majority of it. However, during the rest of the week I managed to help the organisers with various activities, including providing race support from the 4×4, so I did get a great perspective on how the race operates, and seeing the riders after most stages was enough to convince me this is a very special event. 

Thanks to all of you for your support in the build up to the event, and to all the riders and the team at Trans-Savoie/Trail Addiction for a fabulous week.



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