Thoughts turn to the mountains

So the Ride London and the Brighton Big Dog are complete for the year, and now the focus has firmly turned to the Trans-Savoie and the adventure that will provide.
I’m both excited and terrified in equal measure at this point, the Trans Provence was an incredible experience and this looks set to be very similar, if not better. Having skied in a number of the resorts that we pass through during the 6 days, I’m probably more thrilled by this event but that is tempered with the fact that each day has an incredible amount of big mountain descending and plenty of on bike ascending, meaning long and painful days in the saddle. There are still plenty of things to do to get ready for the flight on Saturday, and to ensure I’ve got everything I will need for the event. My spreadsheet list (Catherine will be so proud) is getting longer, but it’s helping to ensure I capture everything I think of, and then I can whittle that down a little as I see how well/badly it’s going to fit into my luggage.
The bike had a faulty Stealth Reverb so I’ve swapped it for the (non-Stealth) one I bought a while ago, and I’ve set the tyres up tubeless which will hopefully help in the rocky environment of the Alps. In the Trans-Provence in 2009 I punctured on one special stage and couldn’t get it to seal but I still think it’s a more robust solution than tubes alone, and I’m hoping it works well for the T-S.
Printing out the final details and all the flight information has made it incredibly real, and I can’t wait to be there now – just two more sleeps to go! Saturday will be a long day with plenty of time waiting at Geneva airport before the long bus transfer to Val D’Isere for base-camp 1 ahead of the first day of racing, and that will be my first chance to meet fellow riders/competitors in the event. Fingers crossed that all the bikes turn up on time and in one piece, which is always a major worry when heading off to a cycling event.

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